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*** Free Lesson *** Whiskey Before Breakfast - Dobro - Open G

In this lesson I teach you my new arrangement of the Classic Tune "WHISKEY BEFORE BREAKFAST". I initially had this song up several years ago when I first started my site, but I decided it was time for a fresh new arrangment using the Mulitple Camera Angles and HD video. This song is in the Key of D and my arrangement contains lots of useful Key of D licks but in Open G Tuning. This song also has an AABB Form, and my arrangement is inspired by the way I hear Jerry Douglas play tunes like this, where he will start off in the lower octave in the first A or B section, and then when it repeats he moves his idea up to a higher octave and changes it up. Often times making it more bluesy, yet still keeping the spirit of the melody. I think you'll really have fun playing this one at Jams!!!

  • In The Key of D but in Open G Tuning (GBDGBD)
  • Full Lesson is close to 50 minutes long
  • Comes with Detailed Tablature
  • Comes with Jam Tracks at different Tempos
  • Comes with Performance Tracks where I play along with the Jam Tracks at different Tempos
  • Great Jam Tune!
  • Great for Learning Cool Licks In The Key of D but in Open G Tuning

Here's a sample...

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