After searching the internet for lessons on my lap steel guitar, I was impressed with Troy’s method of teaching so I purchased on of his bundle packages. After practicing for a couple of months, I needed help with a situation that I was having trouble with. I emailed Troy and asked him if he could help me with my problem, not knowing if he might have the time to help. I can only say that I was surprised to get a response within hours of contacting him. We continued emailing each other back and forth for a period of five days. This tells me that Troy is a man of character, and is sincerely interested in helping those people who purchase his lessons. Troy’s quick response and willingness to help has made a huge impression on me, and I will continue to purchase more lessons in the future.

Len Tirrill

October 01, 2020

I have been ordering lessons from Troy for 10 years. I played banjo for 20 years and decided to try dobro as they are somewhat similar. with Troys lesson it made things so easy. I continuously learn new songs and new methods to play. I have spoken on the telephone numerous times to Troy. He answers the phone himself. I have never in my 60 year old life ever came across a nicer person a more helpful person or anything close to a businesss operated as Troy operates. I'm not downing any other dobro instruction sites. I am just saying I have used them all. Lessons with Troy goes above and beyond all expectations.
Donnie Bailey

Mar 19, 2018

I played in my first blues band in 1966, and I've been playing horns ever since. I finally decided to learn to make slide noises and one thing led to another and I ended up on Troy's site with a lap steel. My life has changed.

Troy is a fantastic teacher and has charted a new course for instrumental instruction in the digital age. His instincts and abilities for how to explain so many complicated nuances about playing in a way that is useful to both rank beginners and grizzled veterans alike is uncanny. 

Troy, I can't thank you enough for being there and being who you are and doing what you do. Please please keep it up. Even when I know what I'm doing I want to keep up my lessons with you.
Al Atlas

Feb 19, 2018

I live in New Zealand where the standard guitar rules, plenty of people play and so its possible to learn from others fairly easily. Not so with dobro, Weissenborn and so on. The dearth of players of course makes it pretty hard to learn from somebody if there is nobody!
I'm very grateful for the quality teaching and excellent production value of your video lessons.
I'm just beginning on my journey with many hours of practice to put in, but I'm confident that Troy is pointing me in the right direction - cheers mate!
Andrew Denton

Feb 4, 2018

I would like to say thank you for the time you spent on the phone with this old man. I am enjoying my E9 pedal steel lesions. You do a great job explaining every thing of corse as I am 72 soon to be 73 it takes a little work getting my fingers and feet working together ha. It is coming along so I will keep pick away with it . What are the odds of me picking out an instructor out of a hundred that lives in my home town. Glad I did thank you very mutch for sharing your talent with me . Larrydreon from Utah
Larry Dreon

Nov 18, 2017

Hay there Troy just a note to say thanks for the lesions on the pedal steel gutiar. This old 72 year man is just starting to learn Amazing Grace. Going to take a while to get use to pedals and bar movement but I will prevail thanks again. It was nice talking to you and finding out you live in my home town small world.
Larry Dreon

Nov 18, 2017

Having a lot of fun with the C6 lap steel lessons! I especially love any licks that can be used for Western Swing so I can start to play my steel onstage with my band.

The tabs you provide with the videos make learning pretty easy for a beginner like me!
B Custer

Jul 20, 2017

Troy is not only the best dobro teacher I have come across, he is also the most honest, 2yrs. ago I ordered a lot of his courses, while I left my home town with my wife, to go to a cancer center for my wife, we had our home broken into and they took almost everything we owned including my computer and all my guitars & amps. I had a great collection of classic Fenders, & gibsons, & gretches, as well as Dobros & Lap steels. I sent troy a e-mail explaining what had happened and that I had lost my wife on 2-14-2017. I asked if he could send me the downloads from 2yrs. ago, and he did without hesitation,to my new computer, so I could have all those courses back. To me that is a very honest & caring human being, I am honored to be a student of Troy Brenningmeyer, thank you so much Troy for your kindness and caring...Your Friend & Student Roger
Roger Frazzini

Jul 13, 2017


Just an update for you. I had ordered all 6 lessons for the Hudson 6 string steel. I have a ST6 2x2. Your lessons are so well planned to challenge the student. I am now on lesson 6, Danny Boy,,, and I must say you are just awesome at how you tab these lessons to put the student to task in a gradual basis. Lesson 6 really puts to task the pedals and knee levers. This tab for Danny Boy on the six string is an awesome interpretation for a 6 string pedal steel. I hope you will continue to tab more songs for the 6 string pedal steel. Again you are so intuitive as to how to progress your students from lesson to lesson. I am one happy camper with the Troy Brenningmeyer lessons for pedal steel!!!! Please keep up your effort on the 6 string with more tabs and lessons. (In the Garden would be awesome)

Your student,

Wayne Galtier
Wayne Galtier

May 23, 2017

I've been with you since my first dobro quite a while back. I'm 87 years old and having a ball playing at jams and churches now. You cost me a lot or money because I now have three quality dobros. The groups I play with say I'm pretty good (under my breath I say to myself thanks to Troy). Your lessons are so easy to follow and informative. For an old guy like me anything I have to learn has got to be good and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your expert knowledge.
Chuck Breno

Feb 9, 2017

Thank you for setting me up on my computor so I can play Near the Cross. You were patient kind and friendly. I enjoyed talking to you.
Judy Brommerich

Jan 25, 2017

Just wanted to tell you thanks for making the E9th easier to learn!
Ive been tyrying to learn how to play the pedal steel guitar for over 6 years now. bought some of the online lessons,but just didnt quite get it from them.
I bought all of yours
lessons and right away i started to understand every thing!.
im no muscian by any means .
But i am now comfortable to keep practiceing every day with your lessons!
Thank you so much for that !
Also i am 62 years old and have been wanting to do this for over 30 years.
Thanks Again 

Sep 13, 2016

I had hurt my fretting hand from playing too much guitar and was totally heart broken until I went out and brought a dobro and found Troy's page! Now I aspire to learn this instrument inside and out and with Troy's lessons I believe I can do that! Great lessons and arrangements!
Dylan Flynn

Sep 5, 2016

Troy, First of all let me just say thank you for answering the phone and taking care of my download problems. What a class act. Secondly, I am 71 and want to be able to play the blues on a weissenborn and a dobro by the age of 80. Your lessons have me going in that direction. My 5 year old grandson dances and says "Grandpa you play good." What more can I ask for? Thanks Troy. Only I know how well I really play. I have never played an instrument before and have serious hand issues, but your lessons are deliberate and give me alternatives to make the music. My only regret is I did not start with your lessons.
Bill Farfan

Jul 26, 2016

I've played guitar and bass for over 16 years and have a good understanding of guitars. I knew not one lick on my new Weissenborn when I bought it. I search high and low for internet instruction and after looking at what's out there I found Troy's site. The intro is great and I have already started picking up right hand technique with his assigned exercises. Troy was a god send. You rock!

Jun 6, 2016

I'm 74 and decided I wanted to learn to play the dobro. Got the instrument and a couple of books and was trying to learn. Went on line found Troy decided to give it a try. Things were going much better with Troys instruction. The slowdowner seemed to be what I needed. I got a sample from a manufactor but could not make it work. Called Troy. He was in the middle of editing his 2nd podcast, be sure and watch his 1st podcast it was very interesting, I said I would call back, no, he dropped what he was doing to help me. He went into my computer made some changes got a new program and after about 1 hour had me all fixed up. Troy is extremely patient, helpful, great teacher and a very nice man. I offered to pay him he refused any payment he just wanted to help. Again, thank you.
tom varley

Jan 16, 2016

I just watch your pod cast with Alan, boy are you two inspirational, especially in the area of Hawaiian music. Keep up the good work.
Regards Trevor

Jan 8, 2016

Troy , Great basic pedal steel lessons. I hope you will be coming out with more very soon.
ron ackles

Nov 30, 2015

Dear Troy, I would just like to say that I have learned to play the Basic Blues on the Dobro, in less than a week, the way you break down your lessons, by explaining them measure by measure is simply fantastic. Your method of teaching is simply GREAT: I myself however play with a regular pick, and use my middle and ring fingers. After 30 yrs. of playing regular guitar this way was very hard for me to change. So I thought why not just keep playing this way. Heck it works. Once again I would like to say, you are GREAT. and I am glad I found your site. Keep on doing what you are doing. Your method is fantastic.

Aug 16, 2015

I've been a regular guitar player for over 30 yrs. But then I developed severe neurophy in both legs and hands, I could no longer play my guitars, but my love for the guitar made me think of trying slide guitar playing, but then I found an old Dobro at a yard sale and I love the sound of it, so I started to search the net for instuctions on how to play and tune the Dobro. I've bought literally dozens of books and dvd's about the Dobro and spent thousands on these courses, I did learn how to tune it, but the courses were not any help. Then I found your site, and I must say you are the best teacher I have found. I just bought 6 of your courses, and as my playing ability improves, I will be buying more of your courses, once again you are tops in your teaching, Your GREAT. I'm so glad I found your site... Thank You, your GREAT.
Roger in Pennsylvania

Aug 7, 2015

Hi Troy,
I just wanted to thank you for the lessons. I've tried many other lessons and yours work the best for me. I've played dobro for a while but got stuck in a rut and frustrated that I wasn't making any progress. I even set it down fora few years. I decided to pick it up.again and started to search for some lessons. I stumbled upon your site and it was just what I was looking for. The combination of the video, the jam tracks and the tab help to bring it all together. It is just what I needed. I still have a lot to learn but at least I am making progress and having fun again. Thanks!

Eric (Ohio)

Jul 27, 2015

I bought a C6 lap steel about two months ago, came across Troy on You Tube, and thought he would be as good as anyone online to learn from (I live in New Zealand and there aren't many lap steel players in my region). The lessons have turned out to be excellent. Troy has ordered them in a way that makes sense. You don't just learn to play a few things but you understand the bigger concept behind chords, notes etc. I want to be able to learn to improvise as quickly as possible so I can start playing with people, even if just playing simple licks etc. Troy's lessons are fast helping me to understand the principles behind the music so that I can find my way around the fret board on my own, exploring and experimenting as I go. Every time I start thinking about things relating to theory, I go back to one my the lessons (up to four right now) and the answer is already sitting there. I also find Troy's video presentation easy to watch, and he has a genuine tutor's manner. Good work Troy!
David Famularo

Jun 9, 2015

Hi Troy,
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your lapsteel and Weissenborn lessons. I've been playing guitar for many years but hurt my left hand in November and I can't fret a regular guitar. I started playing lapsteel and I love it. You're lessons are really a life saver for me - really.
A friend loaned/gave me a 50's Gibson lapsteel and I just bought an Asher. I also just received a koa Weissenborn from Iseman. Their guitars are fantastic!. I can't recommend them highly enough - great sound (massively resonant), beautiful wood and great service. I'm seriously thinking about ordering a baritone Weiss from them.
Thanks again.

Feb 25, 2015

Mr. Brenningmeyer, I feel that I must give you thanks for doing these video lessons. I have loved the sound of slide guitar since the first time I heard it. I stumbled on one of your lessons on YouTube, and tried it out, using a bottleneck slide, cause that's all I had at the time. I couldn't believe that I sat right down, and started playing! I have so far learned 2 of your songs from here, and still can't believe it. So thanks again for doing what you do, and making it affordable. I was taking guitar lessons for a while and I was learning some things, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I am so excited to start the next lesson, and hope you keep this going. Love the bluesy gospel tunes and love the way you teach. Thanks again for teaching me to do something I NEVER thought I'd be able to do.
God Bless and take care.
J. Alexander

Jan 8, 2015

Troy is just one great guy, I havd found him to be very helpful and caring about his lessons and people who would like to play music. Troy, thank you for all your help JB of Asheville NC.
JB Johnson

Dec 17, 2014

I sat down to write a testimonial several times before, but decided to wait until I had been playing a year. Like others, I played guitar before picking up the Dobro, but the crossover benefit (at least for me) was minimal. Troy's lessons were ABSOLUTELY crucial to learning this instrument. Whenever I return to the videos, I see something new each time. I highly recommend these lessons especially the "Movable Minor Pentatonic Scales". If you plan to jam, this lesson is the ticket. I don't want to make this about me, so I'll simply say that today I play with several bands including one that covers seven Alison Krauss songs. Last year at this time I couldn't figure out how to put the picks on my fingers. Awesome work, Troy.

Dec 2, 2014

I have been playing a guitar for 30yrs. Played professionally in a Bluegrass group for 24yrs. Always wanted to learn the dobro but never found the help I needed. I stumbled across Troy's lessons and I'm hooked.I have 12 lessons bought and downloaded and can already take simple breaks while jamming. This in only 4 months. Troy is great and the lessons are as well. THanks for making a dream come true!!!

David Gurganus

Nov 26, 2014

Hi Troy, talk to you today and appreciate all your help. I'm 75 and just learning to play the lap steel guitar so I will be able to play gospel music for homeless. Keep me in your prayers and soon music will be coming out of this lap steel guitar 

Pastor Richard
Richard Preston

Nov 5, 2014

Fantastic Price and Great Product. Purchase/Download and enjoy right away. No waiting for it to come in the mail. I am hoping
Troy will be coming out with some more "Pedal Steel" Lessons as well.
Thanks again Troy
Philip Harris

Oct 23, 2014

Hi. I've been noodling around on 6 string flat top for most of my life. Mostly old country and a smidgen of bluegrass, some of this some of that. My left hand is slow and I've kind of peaked far short of what I'd like to be able to play. So I decided to give dobro a shot. In doing some research I stumbled onto lessonswithtroy.com. Troy put me in touch with Steve at Red Line Resophonics and I bought a beautiful dobro from them. I started a couple weeks ago and I'm on Dobro Basics 5A and 5B, learning Cripple Creek. I already understand the dobro better than I ever understood guitar, and though I have a long way to go, I also am already able to play licks and leads I could never play on guitar.

Troy is the best, especially if one on one lessons are not an option.
James Leininger

Oct 9, 2014

I recently purchased PSB #1 and #2 and couldn't be happier with my lessons. Right from the beginning it was important for me to know what I was playing, not just how to play it. Troy's detailed tablature and step-by-step instructions does both. Troy takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what notes and chords you are playing when you pluck the strings. Troy teaches in an organized and unhurried manner, and points out the things that are important for you to spend more time on. If you are starting out on PSG, you will love these lessons!
John Barbour

Sep 25, 2014

Hi, Troy
I have no idea what sparked this new hobby, but a few weeks back I started looking into lap steel guitars. I don't remember ever having seen one before. Then I walked into a Santa Fe guitar shop, and left carrying a vintage Fender Champion and a Fender tube amp.

Get this: at 56 years old,I have never played any string instrument before, so I'm totally flying blind. Your lessons are perfect for me, and now after only a few hours practice, you've got me actually making music! I realize that many months more are needed to gain a level of proficiency (and stop freaking out my cats), but I'm off and running. 

The split-screen views are wonderful, and I've burned the downloads onto a DVD, so I can sit comfortably in front of my TV to learn.

Mike Spieth

Sep 1, 2014

Hello Troy,

I ordered a dozen of your lessons for Weissenborn and Open D Lap Steel about a month ago.
Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't get busy with any of them until the beginning of this week.
I just wanted to let you know I am having a ball. I have played 6 string acoustic for years but arthritis has begun to hinder my playing and I thought lap steel may be a bit of fun. I was right. This is absolutely the most fun I have had in years.
I have only made it to lesson #2 so far but Amazing Grace can be heard at my house at just about any time of the day now.
There is also a hint of what may be the blues coming from my music room at times. I've peeked ahead in the lessons a little bit and with
what I learned playing 6 string it almost sounds like music...............

I just wanted to let you know that your lessons have sparked a new excitement in music for an old man and I am enjoying myself immensely.

Thank you and have a good day.

Larry Carlson

Aug 28, 2014

Hi Troy,
I am a guitar player from Sweden and I want to share with you what Lessons With Troy meant for me the last few years. I´ve been working as a professional guitar player and educator for 25 years. About seven years ago I decided to make some radical changes in my life with music. Instead of playing for a living, I just wanted to play what I love. That included starting to play Dobro and make time to write my own music. So, I bought a Dobro and some books, started to train playing with fingerpicks - I needed some inspiration! Even if there are som good players in Scandinavia, square neck Dobro is not as big as you may thing here in Sweden;-)

There are tons of stuff on the web, some good and some not so good. I found some of your free lessons on Y.T. and soon I signed in on your sight. I bought some technique-, lick- and song lessons and that really made me hooked on Dobro playing. After about three years, in 2012, me and a friend started playing as a duo (Vocals, Dobro, Double Bass). Now we been playing at several music festivals in both Sweden and Germany, events and clubs. It´s not a full time job but we play what we want and we are having a blast. A few month ago we released our second album, all original material. 

This is what I really want to say: You have a nice way to address your students and it´s easy to follow your instructions both visually and in audio. There is a clear direction and structure. I am educated at The Royal Academy of Music In Stockholm as a guitar teacher so I am interested in how to educate and find good inspiration. I think Lessons With Troy is excellent! Thanks for the inspiration and making me more or less change from Guitar to Dobro.

This is a Y.T. clip of us ”Sjostrom & Gullo" from a Country Festival in Berlin, Germany:

Our latest album at Spotify:

Kind Regards,
Per Olof Sjostrom

Aug 20, 2014

I have read all the testimonials for Troy and I can't think of any way to say it better. He is excellent. Troy has inspired me to work harder and practice longer. I'm on my second set of lessons and I will be buying more. My goal to to play Foggy Mountain Rock by Josh Graves. I'm 68 years old and figure I can do it by the time I'm 75. But I can't do it without Troy's help. Thank you Troy for your inspiration and great lessons
Mathew Born

Jul 27, 2014

I just want to send a quick thankyou for the lessons. Every time I am stalled - or feel the creative part start to slip away, I dig up one of the songs or lessons and find new energy. Very generous of you to share these hard-earned insights & skills with folks like me, they help more than you know.

Thanks again,
Richard Hughes

Jul 13, 2014

What can I say that anyone who has dealt with Troy doesn't already know. Concise, well thought out lessons, professionally presented. But what also clearly comes across is his passion for playing and the humble nature he embodies. I've spoken to him for some advice and chewed his ear off pretty good, as I like to ramble, but again his patience and advice were outstanding. A thumb and fingerpicks up for this guy!!
Dick Cox

Jun 25, 2014

This is the first song I have learnt from Troy after playing Lap Style for just over one month. Troys lessons are so easy to understand and laid out in a way that it accelerates your learning. Can't thank you enough Troy. Keep em' comin!
Graham Stewart

May 24, 2014

Just downloaded lesson one with Troy. The quality of the video is superb and the tuition is very thorough. This is the best course I've seen for lap steel guitar. I will be downloading the rest of the course.
John Nicholson

May 12, 2014

Started lessons with Troy and really enjoy them. I will buy more lessons as I complete what I have. Thanks Troy
Mathew Born

Apr 28, 2014

Gracias Troy por tu gran ayuda tus metodos son los mejores que he encontrado y que me han enseñado a tocar la lap steel guitar he aprendido mucho Gracias a ti y ha tus videos Agradeciendo de ante mano tu fina atencion para conmigo recibe un fuerte abrazo y Muchas bendiciones de parte de Dios y Que siempre ilumine tu camino

Translation to English:
"Thanks Troy for your great help your methods are the best I've found and I've been taught to play the lap steel guitar I learned a lot thanks to you and have your videos beforehand Thanking your fine attention to get me a big hug and Many blessings from God and we always light your way"
Adrian Miguel 

April 1, 2014

I have purchased many lessons from Troy and absolutley love them all. Great instructor and easy to understand, especially for beginners. I've been taking his lessons for 3 yrs now and have become a pretty good player on both Dobro & Lap Steel. Thx Troy....keep those lessons coming. I'm ready for intermediate-advanced now. ~TB

Mar 27, 2014

Hi Troy 23 years I had an accident & among things suffered brain damage it took me 13 years to heal now I have to cope with the brain,I tried to learn lap steel but I could not find a teacher so for 9 years I tried to teach myself.I saw your video on utube and bought your first c6th lesson then I got Aloha Oe and after 1 year I can play which has taken me a lot of effort as I have no memory or concentration ability but by being able to go back to the video every day and watching you explain I can now play 1 song I have ordered my second song and I may have 2 songs I can play soon.Troys lessons mean a lot to me as I will be forever gratefull.If you want to learn,this is the best & simplest way to learn it wont take as long as me but you will soon learn from these videos
Thanks again Troy..Rob..Australia.
Rob Jones

Mar 15, 2014

Troy...just sit back and listen. I have purchased lessons from just about everybody who offers them...and your site and lessons are the best out there. There are a bunch of people out there who play in bands all the time. And some of them are great players. But there is not very many of those players teaching people who want to learn. It takes a very talented and caring musician to teach others. I will never be an award winning musician and not very many people will ever hear me play, but I am happy with my music and a lot of this is due to you. Thank you so much for what you do for myself and others...I am proud to be your student.
Dennis Sumner

Mar 13, 2014

Having played guitar for 40 years I decided to learn some slide. I went out and bought a budget Weissenborn and noodled away for a month on my own. There aren't many Weissenborn players in Scotland I found out so I searched the 'net for online tuition videos. I have to say that the lessons here are superb. Troy is a great teacher and takes everything at a nice relaxed pace and is very informative. I'll be back regularly for new songs to learn. Can't recommend highly enough. Fantastic and at a great price. Thanks for this great service Troy.
Neil Warden

Mar 10, 2014

Hi Troy, I bought the "Keep on the Sunny Side of Life" lesson a few weeks ago and I can play it now - it has taken me what some people will think is a long time - and even though I'm still very slow with it - I can play it - so now its a matter of how much time and talent do I have available to perfect the presentation - your job as an instructor got me to here and you should be proud - Blue grass is NOT a familiar genre for me - all the tunes - except maybe the Super standards (Cripple Creek) are newish to me and the rhythms are definitely all new to me - but even with all that NOT working for me - you have taught me to play what I think of as a fairly complex tune - thanks so much.
Tom Wells

Feb 20, 2014

Troy's guidance has begun to lift the veil of mystery from the C6 tuning for me, enhanced my rudimentary knowledge of chord structure, and inspired me to clean up my technique on my other lappies.I find I can understand what he's putting down and he has increased my enjoyment of my guitars greatly. Wm (Froggy)Hyland of The Rose City Rats
Oscar Frog

Feb 12, 2014

I would like to thank you for your lessons. 15 years ago I had a terrible accident and about lost my left hand. I was told by the doctors I would never play guitar again. Six years ago I picked up a guitar and started again very slow at first and my hand will not move quickly but I am playing again. I'm 62 years old and the damage is starting to become non reversible. I made a decision a few months ago to try to learn the slide guitar. I have struggled to try to understand the slide guitar. I found your website and I bought my of the first lesson the other day. I've found myself getting more excited as I learn from your videos the proper way to play. Thank you Troy you brought a smile to my face and a new way to look at playing. I normally do not write these type of emails but I wanted to thank you
Robert tryner

Feb 11, 2014

Hey bro, i just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for being awesome at what you do. I haven't been playing for long, but I needed instruction, and fast. I work as a musician in nashville, but mainly as a guitar player. however, since i've learned NOT to say NO when people call me, i've ended up playing dobro, banjo, and mandolin as a result. well, mandolin and banjo i've been playing for a bit, but the dobro was a different animal. 

i got the call to play for Jamie Lynn Spears, as a utility guy, so dobro/banjo/mando/ and electric guitar of course. i needed help lol. i know a lot of great players, and i've been hanging out with josh matheny when he's not super busy. he shows me a bunch, but i've really found that your lessons that i've downloaded from this website are superb. i've learned so much in the past month. also, i've only been playing for a month and a half now and we've been touring with jamie lynn quite a bit. i've included a video of us on the Today Show in NYC from last month. enjoy bro! you help me SO much, and i just wanna say thanks and hope to connect with you on a professional level and add you to my rosters. you're GREAT by the way! -Ben Miller 

Ben Miller

Feb 10, 2014

Troy, your Lap Steel lessons are nothing less than stellar! After about an hour, I was able to start applying your techniques and started playing a song or two the same day! I am an instant fan of your style of instruction and can't say enough good things about your "straight and to the point" manner. Although I play other instruments, the Lap Steel is brand new to me. There is nothing better than a great instructor to get started right. Lord Bless my friend!
Rick F Mendyka Sr

Jan 16, 2014

I had a problem downloading a purchase. I emailed Troy and he fixed the problem right then no waiting! That is service! Thanks Troy
John Blevins

Dec 21, 2013

Iam learning the lap steel for the first time I have played a little bit of guitar according to another source it will take me several years to play this intrament i think hes wrong and i have looked all over and troys lessons are the only ones that work for me. Not mentioning names you cant go wrong with the price of the lessons.
Jack w Rogers

Dec 17, 2013

The lap steel lessons are just the thing to take you from Duh to Ahh. If you have no idea what a lap steel is or what to do with it you will after these lessons. If you don't get it the first time you can go back and watch it again anytime and as many times as you want. In this day and time where you gonna get this type of one on one instruction, and at such a great value. No Where But Here.
George Allison

Dec 1, 2013

I can really recommend the speed and strength series if you have played the guitar before. These lessons reslly dig into the special techniques you use with the dobro. And they are quite fun as well.
Peter Kastoft

Nov 5, 2013

I absolutely love your alternating bass lessons Troy! I really appreciate how you really teach the not only the fingerings but the timings and how they work within the key signature. I am practicing with a metronome all the time now. I also appreciate your arrangements of Canon in D and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. The Dobro sounds so nice playing classical pieces. Thanks so much!
Nancy Ikeler

Oct 30, 2013

After playing pedal steel professionally for 60 years and Reso for about 10 years..I thought I had pretty much rounded out my musical career and knowledge....Until I seen Troy's lessons on alternating thumb picking. This lit a fire under my fanny and I purchased Troys lesson on "Make me a Pallet on your floor"
HEY.. This old dog has learned a new trick. Much fun and I noticed the Tab is written exactly the way Troy plays it on video. I do recommend his lessons and at todays prices ... you cant beat what he charges. Lee Gillespie (leegee)
Lee Gillespie

Oct 27, 2013

I recently got an interest in the Dobro and bought one a month ago, after playing mandolin and banjo in a band for a couple of years, and guitar since the eighties. With Troy's kind of teaching it's possible to get to the 'fun-level' pretty quick, and since I need to get out some nice sound of an instrument to keep up the momentum I'm very pleased with the lessons I bought. Big Sciota was my first Dobro encounter, it took a couple of weeks to learn, and Troy's version is second to none!

Oct 27, 2013

Lessons for real beginners, not just some dude showing off how good he is. Every step is shown slowly and clearly so you never get left behind and give up
Neil Milliner

Oct 27, 2013

I have been a BG fiddler for many years and became interested in dobro about two years ago. I happened to stumble across Lessons With Troy and was immediately inspired to really get serious about the dobro. I have purchased several of Troy's lessons. Troy is an amazing teacher and his arrangements are very professional. I always get very positive comments when I play the tunes I learned from Troy. I will continue to purchase his lessons.

Oct 23, 2013

Everything I know and everything I have learned I owe to Troy. He has no peers. Truly the epitome of the meaning of the word "Teacher" On top of all this he truly has a heart of gold. I say this from personal experience. His family is the same. The apple did not fall far from the tree,

Oct 22, 2013

Your new site is fantastic, easy to understand and quick. I really have a passion for the dobro and sitting down listening to your pleasant voice makes it so much fun. Playing along has helped me tremendously with timing. Visual leaning makes you feel like you have someone with you playing which is always a wonderful feeling. Thank you for sharing music with so many. Susan
Susan Skelton

Oct 22, 2013

As the first one and the only one to play lap steel in Egypt and of course since no one here can teach me...i searched youtube as i was lost and didnt know what i was doing and then i found Troy's lessons and it really helped a great deal to set me on the right track and i really am grateful for him and i'll keep learning from him as i have a long way ahead of me....Thanks Troy
Ahmad Hasan

Oct 19, 2013

I am very content with what I purchased with Troy, in my area I can t take lessons, there s just not that many people playing the dobro/reso overhere so I have to find other ways of learning, I find Troy s lessons very easy to understand, and the video s rock! So far I purchased a beginners course that set me off on a good start, and a song to learn , the arrangement is tastefull, and it is explained in the video very well, with a good tab on the side..this enables me to learn songs, pick up techniques and even impress some friends every now and again with what I allready can play..I ll keep coming back for more and recommend this website to other players!

Oct 17, 2013

Hey Troy ! your sight looks great. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me this past year. I want everyone to know what a great teacher you are, I tried a couple of other well known dobro sights when I first started and none of them came close to what you provide , your lessons are great ! keep doing what your doing. Hope to see you soon !!!!
Ron Gann

Oct 16, 2013

Hi Troy I congratulate you a really good musician and I'm learning to play the lap steel guitar through your videos and even though you do not speak English if I understand you very great and I will continue buying your methods to learn every day more Thank you for your kind attentions to me a big hug Atte Resibe Adrian Orozco
Adrian Miguel A Orozco Flores

Oct 16, 2013

I have been playing fingerpicking blues, ragtime and slide for close to 40 years, and have owned a dobro for 7 years without really using it. I bought dome dvd's but found them expensive and tedious. A friend of mine asked me to pick it up again, and I stumbled on these lessons. Sometimes I think the pace is too slow, but that is probably since I have played for so long. I have bought a lot of lessons and songs, and in general they are extemely good and quite cheap. ican only recommend Troy and his lessons.

peter, Denmark
Peter Kastoft

Oct 15, 2013

I just started playing dobro about a month ago. Thanks to Troy's lessons I'm already playing some simple songs and expect alot of improvement in the near future.
I haven't met Troy in person but I consider him to be my dobro teacher. Great lessons at reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?
Chris Blood

Oct 15, 2013

I don't think you'll be disappointed with any of Troy's lessons - I never am.
Tom Wells

Oct 15, 2013

There are no Dobro teachers in my area. Troy has been my souce of help to understand the theory of music and how it applies to this wonderful instrument. He has taught me many songs, which include the beautiful and slow ones to the fast and swinging ones, and of course my favorite, the blues. Thank you, Troy. I hope to meet you some day.
Cheryl Evridge

Oct 15, 2013

I have been making regular visits to Troy's website for nearly 6 years and have bought many of his lessons for Dobro. You have heard that those who can't do, teach! Well that is not the case here. Troy can do it, and he shows you how to do it too! 
I have on more than one occasion had questions in the entire time i have been a customer of Troy's and have sent a text and he generally responds within minutes with a answer that is always helpful.
Keep up the good work Troy and thank you. You are as important to the Dobro world as Mike A, Jerry D, and the many others.
Jim Glass

Oct 15, 2013

This is the Best thing ever for someone with an extremely Long learning curve. Troy's lesson's are great, the video's, explanations, tabs and backing track's. Troy has answered my questions, through facebook and even over the phone. I just can't say enough. I start trying to learn Dobro as my first instrument in my 40's, Troy has helped me to understand what I was missing and how to put it all together. Try it, there is something here for everyone. Thank you Troy for putting up with me.
Tony Patton

Oct 15, 2013

Looks great Troy. 
I want to publicly thank you for sharing your musical talent with a struggling picker. I have learned not only so much about dobro but about music from your lessons. Keep up the good work. God bless.
Tom Lawson

Oct 15, 2013

I would like to take the time to say Troy is a one of a kind teacher who will go the extra mile to both satisfy a customer and help , with all earnestness at his command, you to accomplish all you can be. Just look around he has something here to satisfy anyone.

Doug Henderson

Oct 15, 2013