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Southwest Desert Sounds - for Open D Lap Steel

In this lesson I show you how to get sounds out of your Open D Lap Steel that makes me think about scenes from movies set in the Southwestern Deserts of the US. Picture rolling tumble weed, a lone highway, cactus', desert canyons, etc. 

I cover effects and how I get that southwest desert tone out of my amp. I also have a couple diagrams I made that show the D minor scale and the D minor pentatonic scale, and how to think of the in numbers and colors, and how to alter a major, flatting the 3rd, 6th, and 7th tones to give you a minor scale. Finally, at the end of the video, I teach how to play what I played in the intro to the video.

Comes with:

  • Streaming Lesson Video - over 30 minutes
  • PDF Diagram of D minor scale - Open D Tuning
  • PDF Diagram of D minor pentatonic - Open D Tuning
  • PDF of Tablature of the Intro

Here's a sample...

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