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SLANTS - Open D - Lap Steel, Dobro, or Weissenborn

In this lesson I teach various Slants in Open D tuning (DADF#AD). Great for getting lots of other chords other than just your basic Major chords. Great for Country, Americana, and lots of other styles where you want a pretty more pedal steel kind of sound.

  • Full Lesson is over 30 minutes
  • Comes with 5 PDF Charts of the Slants
  • Chart 1 - 6ths using the 1st and 3rd strings
  • Chart 2 - 3rds using the 2nd and 3rd strings
  • Chart 3 - 6ths using the 5th and 3rd strings
  • Chart 4 - 3 Note Chords using slants
  • Chart 5 - 6ths using the 4th and 2nd strings

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