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Pedal Steel Basics - 9 - Applying C6 Sounds to E9

In this lesson show how to apply what we learned in Lesson #8 to the Chord Progression of the Wayne Hancock classic "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs". Applying C6 Sounds to E9 10 Pedal Steel. I show various ways to get 6th Chords and turning them into Dominant 7th & 9th chords too. 

For all of you that have a Hudson 6 String Pedal Steel, this lesson can be applied to that instrument as well. This is because I focus on the middle 6 string of the 10 string E9 Pedal Steel.

  • Comes with a PDF of the Chord Progression to "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs"
  • Full Lesson is close to 40 minutes
  • Comes with Jam Track

Here's a sample...

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