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3 Blues Patterns Connect The Neck - Dobro - Open G

In this lesson, I try to try my concepts to using 3 Basic Bluesy (Minor Pentatonic) Scale Patterns (Color Coded in a PDF Diagram) to connect the whole neck of your Dobro (Open G tuning). I talk alot about thinking in numbers, playing the basic Minor Pentatonic Scale (in 3 patterns) as well as adding color tones or extensions like the "Blue Note" (b5 #4), the 9th, the 6th, the ambiguous Flat 3rd and Major 3rd. All these kinda of things are what I use to improvise, but I think about the patterns very simply...3 Blues Patterns.

This is a "Concept Lesson", meaning there's no tablature, but there is a Full Color Scale Diagram of the 3 Patterns, and I do try and break down some of my ideas, and licks so that you can understand them.

Comes with:

  • Lesson Video (Close to 45 minutes)
  • G Minor Pentatonic Scale Diagram with 3 Color Coded Patterns

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